Welcome to the web site of JaTomes Software and Consulting, an individual proprietorship. I have 35 years of experience with computer programming that includes a wide range of experience from IBM Mainframes, to PC's, to Web Programming. For more details of my experience check out my LinkEdIn profile. I presently work for a company in Pittsburgh, run a small software company - JaTomes Software and Consulting, formerly known as Bluff City Software, and am a partner in Family Lanes & Amusements in Hartselle, Al.

What's New and Changed

Web site redesign
This web site has been redesigned to eliminate the use of frames and to rely heavily on Cascading Style Sheets for the formatting. The web site incorporates our newly designed logo and occurs as our web servers are being reorganized as well. The pages are being changed from plain html to being served with PHP. I have set up redirects so that anyone that has bookmarked a particular page will get automatically redirected to the corresponding php page.
The primary goals of the redesign were to make all of the pages easier to maintain and to provide a consistent look and fill as you navigate through out the site.
A New Listing of all services offered
I have also added information relating to the web site design that I have started. There are pages that describe my services and pricing scheme.